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We don't just cut and color hair, we craft it through love, making it uniquely you. We live and breath hair design.

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We believe in using only organic products, for the health of you, your hair, and mother earth. Support the organic way.



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We believe to have truly healthy hair, we must begin from the bottom up, organically.


The vision for Peter Salter Hairdressing started approximately 5 years ago, when we dreamt of a pure, organic salon. Our mission is about being conscious and to set about showing our valuable clients healthier choices for their hair and everyday living.

It is a great feeling working with colour and not having to deal with the nasty chemicals or odours. That’s one of the first things clients remark on… No smells.

Only now the hair industry is looking to Organics. It is a David and Goliath story however with the Big Name brands still throwing money at events and shows. The change in the industry is slow but strong as more and more famous people choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, organic food and now hair products. This does a lot for marketing organic hairdressing. For those of us who have started the journey to a better, healthier lifestyle, know that this is the best way for our bodies and hair.


To give our customers what they desire in a style, we believe in getting to know them personally


Organic Products

Our mission is to bring the organic way to hairdressing. To do this we employ only organic products to craft truly unique hair. With this in mind, we have searched long and hard to bring the best natural, organic products to our customers.

Shampoo, Conditioner & Styling Products: Angel en Provence

The Angel en Provence range is totally unique with the pursuit of the most pure and natural ingredients along with an environmentally conscious concept. Using advanced micro-molecule extraction technology to break down plant essences into micro molecules allows for a deeper penetration and absorption. Provence is specifically formulated to be gentle and effective creating dazzling results for all hair types. It’s pure, natural and environmentally friendly.

Colouring: DeLorenzo NovaColour

DeLorenzo The DeLorenzo Novacolour range is using natural botanical extracts, UV inhibitors and is designed to provide superior shine, longevity. De Lorenzo Novacolor Professional salon colours are the only professional colour products made in Australia specifically for our climate. All products do not contain chemicals of animal origin such as Lanolin, Beeswax, Honey, Urea, Silk or Protein and they also do not contain perfumes with animal derived fixatives. All DeLorenzo Novacolour products are based on certified organics, herbs, plants, fruit acids, vitamins, vegetable oils and phyto protein complexes.

Note that all the products we use in the salon are organic and vegan certified, and are therefore not tested on animals.


At Peter Salter Hairdressing we provide great service with great listening skills. It is of utmost importance to us that our consultations are in-depth and free.


Ladies' cuts from $85 Men's cuts from $45
Senior's cuts from $55 Children's cuts from $35
Blowdry from $40 Hairups from $90
Global color new growth from $120 Global color long from $160
Global color and foils from $180 Ombre color from $150
Bayalage from $250 Partial color or foils from $60
Half head of foils from $150 Full head of foils from $180
Express treatment from $25 Luxury treatment from $35

All colours are Certified Organic and Vegan friendly.

Temporary, Semi, Demi and Permanent Colours all available. All prices are subject to variations


Organic is not an option, it is an essential.


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